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Chris is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona and entered the golf business in 1989. He has worked at high profile golf facilities such as Troon North Golf Club and The Country Club at DC Ranch in Arizona. He has been teaching at Libertyville Sports Complex for the past four seasons. He was recently the head golf professional at Lake Barrington Shores from 2007-2010. Before that he was the Director of Instruction at Winnetka Golf Club from 2002-2006.

Chris has instructed adult and junior programs for over 20 years. He has worked with many top teaching professionals and has been involved with the golf schools of Jack Nicklaus/Jim Flick, John Jacobs, and Mike McGetrick. During the last twelve years in the Chicagoland area, Chris has conducted over 25 junior camps,10 adult clinics and has taught over 500 lessons annually. Chris created the Winnetka and Lake Barrington Shores Golf Academies for the top area junior golfers. These programs helped kids with promising golf abilities prepare for the IJGA and high school golf. He is especially excited to get more kids involved in the game of golf.

Chris currently lives with his wife Karen, daughter Delaney, son Parker and many pets in Gurnee. In his free time, he is a enthusiastic sports fan, focusing much attention on the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals and the Phoenix Suns. 

Golf Lessons are by appointment
  Half hour $60.00
  1 hour $110.00
  Series of 3 half hours is $150.00
  A series must be completed before November 15th, 2013

   Semi-private lessons
       1 hour $110.00 
     $25.00 for each additional student

     Club Fitting
        $50.00 Irons Or Woods
     If you purchase from me $25.00 goes towards your purchase
Callaway, Taylor Made and US Kids Golf Equipment

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Golf Tips

Take an Extra Club and Reduce your Strokes

I find that most people come up short with their approach shots. I would suggest that you take enough club to get your ball to the back of the green and you will have much better luck on your approach shots. The reason being is everyone thinks they can hit it further than they can. If you take the extra club and miss hit slightly you will be in the middle of the green, if you hit it really poorly you will be at the front of the green and if you happen to hit it perfect you are just on the back of the green. Either way you are in pretty good shape. Take an extra club and reduce your score!!!!



Don't Let Your Children Swing Adult Clubs

If you wish to take your daughter or son out to the driving range, make sure they have clubs that are the right size for them. If a child has clubs that are too long for them, they will not be able to hit the ball properly. This can lead to frustration and their quitting the game.

If you need help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.  I have plenty of junior golf equipment available for you to choose from.



Chris- Your 3-lesson package to help me get more driver distance has been a HUGE help. Today, I dropped almost 9 strokes off my previous round because I was on or near all of the greens in regulation. I can't thank you enough but will let you give me short-game lessons so I can put some more money in your pocket as a reward for a job well done. - Joe C.

Had two lessons with Chris to increase yardage from the tee with a driver. I was always behind the other players by 30-50 yards. Chris analyzed my swing and noticed right away I was using all upper body with no hip or knee movement. After my two lessons I played a round and had 30-40 yards extra driver yardage. ALso saw longer iron shots by 20-30 yards. Very, very happy with the results and I will be working with Chris again. Would highly recommend him. - Patrick Mc.

Our son has been taking lessons from Chris since November as he was planning to try out for his high school golf team in the spring. I recently played with him after about 10 lessons over the winter and I have to tell you I was amazed at his iron game! He really hits nice irons – I was impressed and we owe that all to you. Even the chipping lessons from this past Saturday were applied to our Sunday round and I could tell a big difference in his confidence around the greens - you really have given him the right skills to enjoy and succeed at this great game of golf. Thanks Chris -

Chris has the ability to tailor his instruction to the individual. He won't bog you down with endless fixes, or try to "wow" you with his knowledge of the golf swing. Instead, he will analyze YOUR swing and work with you to improve it at a pace that will provide immediate feedback but also set you up for long-term improvement vs. the quick band-aid. His equipment and facilities are top-notch and you will learn more about your swing in 1 session with Chris than a month of searching the internet for answers to your slice or hook. Chris is a professional, and his lessons will leave you feeling like you just received instruction from one. - Nate

I wanted to join my husband on the golf course. Since I didn't have clubs and had not even played a full round of golf, I needed someone who could could get me started right. Chris helped me by finding the right clubs and then teaching me how to use them properly. He is extremely patient and capable. I played 50 times last year and finally broke 100! I am expecting to continue to improve and still take a lesson from time to time as I keep working at improving my game. Chris will help you find the "thing" that works for you - none of us has the perfect skill set or swing - Chris will work with who you are and what you can do - and then push you a little further! -
Diane C.

Can you buy cheaper clubs? Sure. Can you buy the same quality club cheaper? Probably not. The reason you go to Chris is threefold: 1) You are interested in improving your game, 2) You want an instructor who will invest in your game and give you a swing you can repeat and improve your game, and 3) an instructor who is interested in you and your game, not just a buck. You can always get cheaper clubs at Dicks, but not the same quality. Chris will analyze your swing, make suggestions and work with you as little or as much as you want, need, or can afford. He is not pushy on his services or his products. And he is all about service and followup service. He realizes he is selling reputation, not clubs. He will push your game (not you or your wallet) and let you know what is available to improve your game should you be interested. I highly recommend his services. - Jeff J.

Chris has the ability to analyze a swing and communcate ways to improve. When Ii met Chris a few years ago I was a " virgin" ( his term) and soon discovered that he has the patience of a saint with great instruction techniques for developing good habits. I am glad I purchased my clubs from him because he was honest and recommended only that w
which I need to develop a respectable game. -
Jim B.

If you want to become a better golfer then Chris is the instructor for you. He has the ability to coach anyone, and his knowledge in the game of golf allows him to teach different styles. Chris does not teach one way to every golfer, instead he will teach in a way that will connect to your specific learning style. A couple lessons with Chris will enable you to lower your scores. Highly recommended!! - Eric P.

I went to Chris to get fitted for clubs, purchased his 3 half hour lesson package, and I lowered my handicap by 3 strokes in just one month. The money I paid for my club fitting went towards the price of the clubs. Chris is the person to see if you want to get fitted right, and try every combination of club heads to shafts you can imagine. Not only did I pay far less then I would have at DICKS or Golf Galaxy, but the experience and knowledge Chris has to offer
cannot be beat. - Mark D.

Having a love for the game, but not much game to back it up with, Chris took special interest in shaping me as a better player. Chris has a love like no other for junior golf and has a passion for grooming the next generation of golfers. Because of the work of Chris, I have worked my way to become a top 40 ranked player in the state of Illinois. Want to get better? Go to Chris!
- Garrett D.

How lucky we were to have found Chris. His knowledge of the game is invaluable and his approach to teaching and conducting his academies really sparked an interest with all the kids. When you see the kids not wanting to leave their lessons or asking when they will be back for the next one, you know the energy and interest he created was great. Our kids learned so much about their games but also about the rules and etiquette of golf, so much so, that these boys are professional and can conduct themselves in the way one should on the golf course. We give Chris "two thumbs up" and recommend him highly!! - Kate H.


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